Cbse 10th Result 2018 - CLASS X RESULT- cbse class 10 result 2018

Cbse 10th Result 2018:
Class 10th result 2018 is declared by the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) and all the students can check their result by their roll numbers or by their Names, Date of Birth and Father’s Name. A student can also check State-wise results. Here

Central Board of Secondary Education has conducted the Board Exams for Class X from March 5 to April 4. And we hope you all have done well in the exams. More than 13 Lakhs students have appeared for Class X Board Exams. Class 10th result 2018

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Students who have appeared for the board exams of class X conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and studied hard and did well in exams are eagerly waiting for the results to choose a suitable plan for further education.
The results will get declared very soon by Central Board of Secondary Education on its official website. Links are provided below. Class 10th result 2018

Cbse 10th Result 2018

If any student feels unsatisfied by the marks obtained, he/she can apply for revaluation under the Revaluation Scheme of Central Board of Secondary Education. Further information will be provided on this topic after the results. Class 10th result 2018

What Should a Student Choose?
Answer some questions first to reach a decision.
What interest you most?

What are your goals?
What you want to achieve?
Which option will take you toward your goals and interest?

Answering these questions will let you answer which option YOU should choose. Which one is best for YOU, Science, Commerce or Humanities? Here The word ‘YOU’ matters most. Many students choose the same stream which his/her friends choose. The most common word for this in Hindi is “BHED-CHAAL.” Class 10th result 2018

The interest of two students can be different, so students need to plan their future course of action according to the goals set by them, not by their friends.

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Consider an example of Ravi and Monu
Ravi and Monu were best friends. Ravi wants to be a Doctor and Monu wants to be an Accountant. But because, Monu’s friend chooses the Science Stream (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics), he also chooses the same. This will ruin the carrier of Monu. He will not be able to be an accountant in future. Class 10th result 2018 

Cbse Result MARKS:

Marks also matters while choosing a suitable stream. Rohit is a disciplined student. He is also a hardworking student. He studied for the Board Exams of Class X very well with full dedication. Even after studying everything, he was not able to write nicely in exams. Rohit’s CGPA of Class X is 6 and he wants to be a doctor because doctor interests him most. But he should drop that idea and should start searching for another field and start developing his interest in that new field. Becoming Doctor requires quick learning and large syllabus, which he will not be able to do, even if he tries.
Consider another example, Arun a fine singer in his category, has some problem in his throat. After surgery, he lost the magic of his voice. Now, his popularity is declining. What should he do now? He should start making interest in some other field in the same industry. He can start writing songs for music industry instead of for singing for the music industry. Class 10th result 2018
So make your choice on two bases.
Your Interest
Your Goals
Your Grades (If you have given your full dedication to the exams)
Cbse class 10 result


Science has basically two branch



If you want to go in Biological field in future like Zoology, Botany, Doctor or any other course, you have to take Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and English subject. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics (PCBM) refers to Medical Branch of Science.
If you want to pursue courses in Science field but apart from Medical for sure, you can take Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English and one more subject from various options available in the particular schools. Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) refers to the Non-Medical Branch of Science. One of the most opted subjects after PCM and English is Computer Science. But there are other subjects available for those who do not want to study computers. One such easy subject is Physical Education. This subject ensures good marks in little efforts, but this is purely a theoretical subject. Class 10th result 2018


Science Students are eligible almost for all courses except in those which requires specialization in a subject other than Science ones. Class 10th result 2018


Commerce is the most opted stream after X class. It is because the Global demand of Commerce Student in Current times. The main subjects are Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies and English. Mathematics is optional. Just like in Science Stream, in Commerce Stream also Physical Education is there as a replacement of Mathematics. There are other options also available to choose from, but this varies from School to School. Class 10th result 2018


Commerce Students are eligible for almost all courses except courses requiring Science as subject and any other subject’s specialization. B.Com (Honors) is one of the best course in which a Commerce Student can get him/her self-enroll. Admission in B.Com (Honors) is very hard. Competition is very high.


Humanities stream is considered as one of the easiest streams. But it is not like that. Every Stream has its own advantages and limitation and all are equally tough. If a student makes his choice according to his interests, he will not find his subjects tough. Humanities have totally theoretical subjects, which makes people judge it as an easy stream. Class 10th result 2018
Subjects in Humanities are History, Geography, Political Science and English. Optional subjects include, Sociology, psychology, Economics and many others. And the most opted is Economics.


Yes. There are job opportunities after class X. But do you really need a job? Ask this question to yourself. And if the answer came to be yes because of poor economic conditions or any other personal issues, there are few jobs in which you can apply for.
The Best one is SSC MTS. Class 10th result 2018

Staff Selection Commission (SSC) every year recruits candidates through Multi Tasking Staff (MTS) Paper. This is a High school based paper. Students who have cleared class X are eligible for this Paper. This is the low-rank post. The responsibility will be to move a file from here and there and cleaning of the desk and serve tea to officers. Salary can vary from INR 18000 to INR 22000 depending upon the city you got selected for.
More information will be published on this webpage. Keep visiting for further updated information.

You can also pursue Polytechnic (A Diploma Course) after X class and choose a specialization field. And after 3 years you will be able to earn higher in a better job profile.
Keep visiting the page for further updated information. Class 10th result 2018
Best of luck with the Results and your Future.

The result of CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) Class X examination will be out anytime soon. In a press release, CBSE spokesperson said that the result will get declared in the 4th week of May 2018.
Keep your roll numbers handy and check this website regularly for any further information.

Central Board of Secondary Education also released a notification stating that the results of the CBSE exams of Class X can only be checked online. Students should not try to check in any other mode


We will provide the link to results here as soon as it gets declared. After checking the result, you can also apply for verification. The process is a bit confusing. Different fees are charged according to the level of verification. If you think some error is there in checking of exam papers and you are not satisfied by the marks obtained or you think your paper was good but the marks isn't, then please apply for rechecking. The marks of class X matters most for getting admission into a good school or selecting the stream of your choice. Don't think the process is too hard. We will provide more details on this in few days. For updated information kindly keep visiting this website.

WHAT AFTER Cbse 10th Result 2018

This year, the number of students who appeared in the class Xth examination held by Central Board of Secondary Education is whopping more than 11 Lakhs.
So getting admission into a good school or selecting a stream of your choice will not be an easy task this time. You need to timely apply in various schools for a stream of your choice. Choose your option for higher education according to your interest where you can do well. If for some reason the marks secured is not good, you can pursue Polytechnic course from various government and private institutes. Further updated information on this topic will be published on this website. Keep visiting the page.

Cbse 10th Result 2018 RESULT
Direct links of the result will be provided here. Don't try to visit CBSE office for the physical copy of the result. You just need to save the online result and can get it attested by your school principal for any official use till any physical result is not issued by CBSE.
There will be huge traffic on the website on the day of declaration of result. Keep patient while checking the result. Whatever the result be, don't lose hope and keep calm. Choose your future actions accordingly.

Keep visiting for updated information
Best of luck Students.
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