Cbse 10th Result 2018 - How To get Science in Low CGPA

The CBSE board examination is over and now students are very curious about the result of the same. Being the Student of class 10th you all must be very confused about the various streams available after class 10th. Apart from the interest of students, marks play a vital role while selecting various streams. Most schools have minimum requirements of marks for science and commerce.
CCE which stands for Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation which is in effect for few years has different criteria for marks. Instead of traditional marks out of 100, CBSE awards grades. 
Now the grading system is a little bit different. check your CBSE 10th result 2018 here -  Cbse 10th result 2018

Cbse 10th Result 2018 - How To get Science in Low CGPA

Cbse 10th Result 2018 - How To get Science in Low CGPA
There will be five main subjects i.e., English, Mathematics, Hindi, Social Studies and Science. Grade point will be awarded to each and every subject then their average will be the Total CGPA.
Now the interesting point is this that grade point of maximum two subjects can be increased by one point by putting a star depending upon the class performance other achievements in extra curricular activities of the Student.

For example if a student has achieved 8 points in Mathematics and Science and 9 points in Social Studies, Hindi and English. The total CGPA will be 8.6
But the teacher can grant extra 1 points to maximum 2 subjects. Here the teacher can give 1 point to Mathematics and Science if teacher thinks the student deserves it. Then the CGPA will increase to 9.
The tricky part of this is that the teacher can award points to only lowest two subjects, here in mathematics and science.

Now we are talking about this is because CGPA is very important and you all must be aware of various cinstituents of your CGPA.

Most Schools demand more than 9 points in every subject for Science stream making it very tough to get enrolled into science stream.
The CBSE will soon announce the result of board examination of class 10th. It is a trend that the result of 10th class is announced after class 12th results. So first you have to wait for class 12th exams and then Cbse 10th Result 2018 will get declared.

All the best for your result and your future. Keep visiting this website for further updated information and other career related talks. 
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